Sharp/NEC announces new lightweight NEC NC1503L Digital Cinema Projector for flexible installations


October 3, 2023 Sharp NEC Display Solutions Europe announces the launch of the latest digital cinema projector: the NEC NC1503L is a compact, lightweight and quiet projector model that features the same proven cabinet as the NC1402L. The new model is using RB laser technology, boosting its performance to up to 14,000 Lumen brightness.

In addition, the NC1503L allows for flexible installations and usage. As there is no exhaust system required, the NC1503L is suitable for floor and ceiling installations as well as versatile content playback. These key assets make it an ideal solution for small projection booths or even boothless, mobile cinemas.

The NEC NC1503L digital cinema projector is the ideal replacement for current Xenon lamp-based models: it features a laser light source for a reliable performance and optimal brightness of up to 14,000 Lumen for a lifespan of up to 50,000 operating hours. The laser light engine also reduces the model’s power usage and the amount of replacement materials required. Additionally, the engine is optically sealed, which minimizes dust ingress and assures consistent performance without special maintenance: This means lamp or filter replacements, additional personnel costs, or lamp stock are obsolete. In combination with its almost maintenance-free operation, significantly lower power consumption and overall lower total cost of ownership (TCO), the NEC NC1503L is the ideal replacement for current Xenon models.

“By adding the state-of-the-art NC1503L projector to our extensive portfolio range of cinema projection technologies, we continue to focus strongly on supporting the cinema industry,” adds Gerd Kaiser, Senior Product Line Manager Large Venue and Digital Cinema projection at Sharp NEC Display Solutions Europe. “We wanted to provide cinema operators with a solution that is highly performant, reliable, and flexible to install, all at a low TCO. With the NC1503L projector, we developed a solution that covers all these needs.”

The new NEC NC1503L digital cinema projector will be available from November 2023 onwards. For more information on the new model, please visit dedicated web pages.