Download your free NEC Pro Bundle of new FlatFrog Board

Transform Your Team Meetings

Visualize your ideas. Collaborate in real-time.

FlatFrog Board is a new collaborative whiteboard that turns ordinary meetings into productive collaboration sessions. FlatFrog Board 3-in-1 meeting solution is equipped with a digital WHITEBOARD, SCREENSHARE capabilities and remote COLLABORATION*.

* Remote collaboration functionality is only available with FlatFrog Board Business edition.

3-in-1 Meeting Room Solution



Be more productive – Visualize, align and deliver faster!

Use FlatFrog Board's templates, images, sticky notes and more to improve your iterative workflow. Email a copy to the team. Want to continue later? Just save the file and resume whenever.

  • Designed for large touch displays
  • Low latency “pen-on-paper” experience
  • Secured “Air-gapped” local solution
  • One-click share at the end of the meeting


Screen share*

Engaging meetings – Work seamlessly between laptop and display!

Share your presentation from your laptop. Either wired or wirelessly. Take an image of your presentation, annotate it on the whiteboard and adjust with pinch zoom.

  • Show a presentation inside the whiteboard
  • Take a screenshot and annotate on top of it
  • Use Magic InkTM as pointer for presentations

*supports wired or wireless solution; requires additional hardware



Work together – Participants can contribute remotely!

Connect to your whiteboard from different meeting rooms and/or dial-in from home office or hotel. Co-annotate, share sticky notes and images between meeting room displays.

  • Co-annotation display to display
  • Prepare sticky note and imaged offline
  • Join from laptop and personal devices
  • Bring your own video conferencing provider

*only available with FlatFrog Board Business edition

FlatFrog Board Plans


If you are interested in upgrading your NEC Pro Bundle to FlatFrog Board Business edition, please contact board@flatfrog.com .

What you need to get started!

  1. An NEC InGlassTM Touch Display

    • 55”, 65”, 75”, 86” InfinityBoard 2.1 or 2.1 QL*
    • 55”, 55”, 65”, 75”, 86” InfinityBoard or 2.0
    • 65”, 84” InfinityBoard
    • V554Q IGB, V654Q IGB, V754Q IGB, V864Q IGB
    • X551UHD IGB, X651UHD IGB, X841UHD IGB

  2. Register and download your free FlatFrog Board NEC Pro Bundle: https://www.flatfrog.com/nec

  3. Install FlatFrog Board and launch

  4. Enter the 12-digit code you have received via email

* On all new InfinityBoard models 2.1 and 2.1 QL the FlatFrog Board software is already pre-installed on the OPS Slot-in PC.