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Universita Parthenope di Napoli

Un nuovo modo di insegnare

L’Università degli Studi Parthenope nasce nel 1919 quale Centro Superiore di Cultura e trasformata poi nel 1933 in Istituto Universitario. Con un numero di studenti di circa 16.000 attuali, diventa Università degli studi di Napoli Parthenope, seguita con grande professionalità da circa 320 docenti e 250 componenti del personale tecnico amministrativo.


Cinema Solutions from NEC - A Premium Experience for all Movie-goers

Discover how NEC deliver trusted Cinema display solutions for the entire venue, from the theatre to the foyer. With signage solutions that showcase new releases, or support ticketing, scheduling, promotion and wayfinding to a world-leading Laser projection experience in the theatre that audiences will return for, NEC have built a reputation on image performace and best-in-class support.


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In order to help you fulfil your Covid-19 security obligations, we have prepared a number of generic, non-branded images and videos for you to download and display via your NEC digital signage.

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Welcome to Better Meetings

The fastest and most secure way to launch any meeting regardless of conferencing provider. Quicklaunch™ provides an intuitive user experience for joining any meeting with one touch – supporting all digital platforms, including Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams.

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BalanceBox® Basic Bundles – Height Adjustment at your Fingertips

Height adjustable mounting solutions respect that everyone’s needs are different, they help to create the same user experience and working environment for all.


ProAssist: Free Software for Projectors 

ProAssist is software for controlling the projector and adjusting the projection screen from a computer via a network. It allows necessary adjustments to be carried out smoothly when combining several projectors together to project a large screen in a classroom, meeting room, hall etc.


NEC ONE Global Program

Designed for global enterprises, the NEC ONE Global Program safeguards the highest quality and performance standards for your employees and customers, the world-over.

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NEC Display Solutions - Quality Makes the Difference

A simple comparison of product specifications does not tell the full story – NEC offers something different. Find out how we stand above the crowd and why choosing to partner with NEC is a smart choice. Watch the video to discover The NEC Difference.