Developments in Large Venue Laser Projection You Must Consider for Future Installs

Sharp/NEC laser projectors: The best solution for your installation

Install & forget – when there are so many other demands on your time, what a relief it would be if once you had installed your new projector you wouldn’t even need to think about maintenance for the next 20,000 hours? And what if there were many more advantages for your business? We can summarise these advantages into six reasons why laser projectors from Sharp NEC Display Solutions are the best solution for your large venue installation.


Six reasons why laser projectors from Sharp/NEC are the best solution for your large venue installation:


1. Resource and cost-saving

Up to 20,000 h maintenance-free operation combined with 24/7 usage thanks to Laser Light Source technology, saving up to 13,000 € operational cost* when comparing the PX803UL with its lamp based predecessor model.
* calculation based on 20,000 hours of operational time


2. Filter-free design

The filter-free dust-shielded design for both DLP and LCD laser technology, with integrated liquid cooling system, eliminates air filter replacement for a significant reduction in maintenance efforts.


3. Outstanding picture quality

A whole new visualisation experience with high brightness, up to 4K input signal management and unique picture & colour processing technology based on the latest NEC scaler chip.


4. Maximum flexibility

360-degree installation in any direction, unique geometric adjustment, Picture in Picture and 3D support offer unrivalled installation capabilities for any application.


5. Cost saving device management

Save effort whilst administrating all connected Sharp/NEC devices from a centralised location by using the NaViSet Administrator 2 software tool.


6. Easy way to large viewing

Use the OPS option slot of our PX and PH Series for seamlessly embedded computing performance and signal interfaces, HDMI-out signal loop-through, built-in signal splitter and edge blending capability to provide large presentation pictures.


Your trusted companion for big stage presentation



The PX Series laser projectors Sharp NEC Display Solutions, designed for 24/7 use, combine unwavering colour performance based on Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology and native WUXGA resolution projection with a long-lasting vibrant image without loss of brightness. The installation projectors are ideally suited for large venue installations where maintenance-free operation and intensive use are crucial. Your ideal partner for applications in higher education, museums and large corporate environments, as well as rental and staging use.

The future is here: Filter-free LCD laser installation projectors



With its lineup of laser projectors, Sharp/NEC proved that it is possible to combine a laser light source with LCD technology in a completely filter-free design. It‘s a major step forward for LCD-based projection, the completely sealed optical engine means air filters are not required and filter changes and filter cleaning is obsolete. This news is highly appreciated by establishments with fixed installations since the projector‘s location is rarely easily accessible for maintenance.

The advantages for Rental & Staging partners are also evident; by avoiding manual cleaning efforts after the return of rental projectors, the time needed for maintenance is drastically reduced resulting in better earnings per rental.

Virtually maintenance-free operation for laser based LCD projectors is available for two WUXGA projectors which deliver precise colour processing combined with high brightness levels of up to 10,000 ANSI lumens, creating natural images for compelling presentations and large screen projections in museums, retail stores, events and simulation.

University of Bath - Reaping the Benefits of Laser

The University of Bath have installed laser projection from Sharp/NEC across a large part of its general teaching areas as laser technology delivers consistent, long lasting performance and bright high quality images, viewable even in high ambient light conditions.


We write a specification based on our observations of each room and we model each room for its worse-case scenario, such as full sun in the summer months, meaning each room gets a minimum set of operating conditions to meet. Our suppliers were asked to meet or exceed our specification and they all recommended Sharp/NEC. We conducted an evaluation of the recommended models and they worked well with what we were trying to achieve.
Rob Hyde, AV Service Manager at the University of Bath

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More information on the advantages of laser projectors, the technology background, the application areas, all available  laser projector models from Sharp NEC Display Solutions and which model is best suited for which application can be found on our Laser Projector Microsite:

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