Sustainability is an innovation priority: Sharp/NEC launches new energy efficient products at ISE 2024.

In 2022, Sharp Corporation celebrated its 110th anniversary. Its founder, Tokuji Hayakawa, established a metalworking shop in Tokyo in 1912 inventing the “Ever-Ready Sharp Pencil,” a twist-type mechanical pencil that would become the origin of the corporate brand. Sharp Corporation has since established itself as a worldwide developer of unique products - innovations that have played a key role in shaping the electronics industry.

With innovation in our DNA, in 1973, Sharp outlined a bold and future-thinking business philosophy: “to contribute to the culture, benefits, and welfare of people throughout the world”. In accordance, we are committed to providing products and technologies that help make society a better place, making sustainability an innovation priority.

Prioritising sustainable innovation is not only essential for the wellbeing of our planet and future generations, but also beneficial for business growth. Companies that embrace sustainable practices are better positioned for long-term success. They adapt to changing market demands, build resilience, and maintain relevance. Through sustainable innovation, we are bringing to market products and solutions which reduce resource consumption, minimise waste, and mitigate negative impacts on ecosystems.

Innovation in energy efficient technology was evident at ISE 2024 where we presented several new products demonstrating a remarkable reduction in energy use.


Hayakawa’s US patent for the
Ever-Ready Sharp Pencil in 1926


60% reduction in energy consumption

NEW Third generation LED FE Series

Featuring highly energy efficient Flip-Chip SMD technology, the third generation LED FE Series is making a significant contribution toward achieving sustainability goals.

Consuming 60% less power than standard SMD technology at the same brightness, Flip-Chip SMD technology not only improves energy efficiency, but it also enhances heat dissipation and durability to further extend the lifecycle for an overall more sustainable solution.

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Watch Nils Detje, product manager for LED at Sharp/NEC, talk about the power saving benefits of the LED FE Series at ISE.


Zero energy consumption

NEW ePaper Displays

Consuming a remarkable zero-watts during content playback and drawing only minimal power when content changes, ePaper technology is taking a substantial step toward the carbon neutral era. The low-reflection paper-like surface presents content that appears brighter in high ambient light conditions, ideal for static information display.

Currently available in 13- and 23-inch sizes, ePaper displays aren’t suitable for all applications, but the power saving potential is significant and installation demands are minimal, making this cutting-edge technology a very interesting prospect for the future.

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Watch Martin Lienau, product manager for Large Format Displays at Sharp/NEC, talk about the exceptional power saving potential of ePaper.


High durability, low energy usage

LED FC Series

The latest Flip-Chip, Chip on Board (COB) LED technology generates a brighter output at reduced power usage, consuming 40% less power compared to standard SMD LED technology. Serviceable and highly durable, it promises an exceptionally long lifecycle.

The FC Series was used to create an eye catching 4-metre high, 3-sided interactive Tower installation at ISE demonstrating the scalable versatility of LED technology.

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Watch Nils Detje, product manager for LED at Sharp/NEC, talk about the energy efficiency and improved heat dissipation of the LED FC Series at ISE.

Safely power-down LED for zero energy consumption

NEW LED-RPS-CL-R Remote Power Switch

The Remote Power Switch brings remote power control to any LED wall while limiting the inrush current and eliminating standby power loss. By regulating the switch-on process, the LED modules start up sequentially, avoiding power peaks which could overload components and lead to failures. Use of the Remote Power Switch allows the LED wall to be powered down out of hours to achieve zero energy consumption, then safely powered up again during operating hours.

Its useful to know that a black background on LED screens, instead of a bright background, results in up to 50% reduction in power consumption. Also, blue LEDs consume the least power so content using predominantly blue rather than red or green is preferable.

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Journey to net zero

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