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Fitness Hut finds a cost effective AV solution for its chain of gyms by leasing NEC display and projection equipment to provide their clients with a cutting-edge environment in which to work out.

Fitness Hut is a chain of gyms that is currently operating three studios (Amoreiras, Cascais and Oporto) and a fourth to open in Saldanha, Lisbon, Portugal. The Fitness Hut brand seeks to provide a premium low-cost gym concept which does away with any additional services not always required by members, whilst maintaining constant quality in a top notch gym truly focussed upon fitness.

The Challenge

The fitness chain wanted to equip their gyms with the best technological solutions available in order to offer its clients the most inspiring environment using cutting-edge display and projection technology. Additionally, Fitness Hut was concerned with maintaining strict control of their spending as the opening of a gym incurs various expenses. “Equipping a network of gyms with quality equipment represents a large part of the budget. Our design was very well thought out in order to manage it in the best possible manner within the available budget “, said Andrew Groen, Development Manager at Fitness Hut.

The NEC Solution

The process of acquiring the required technology started with an analysis of the available solutions on the market which underscored the proposals of Liscic, official distributor of NEC in Portugal and the solution offered by Newrent, one of the first Portuguese companies to engage in the leasing of IT equipment.


This partnership enabled Fitness Hut to obtain all the material required to start their first gym in Amoreiras. In leasing the equipment, Fitness Hut is able to accurately budget this expense without any further unexpected investment being required to cover maintenance since all technical assistance is covered within the contract period.

After having agreed on the starting date of the business, Fitness Hut equipped the first studios with three projectors (NEC M420X), two for the generation of an innovative system that simulates environments such as the Tour de France, and one that projects images focused on sports practice. Moreover, Fitness Hut integrated several Public Displays including NEC MultiSync® V422 and NEC MultiSync® V461. Some are located in the entrance area of the gym, facilitating the authentication and authorisation of users entering the premises, whilst others can be found in the waiting room and fitness machine room to display sports videos, music and news etc.


The Result

“The first few months of operation of our studios in Amoreiras were a great success. The solution offered by Liscic put us in a position to obtain state-of-the-art technology within the leasing agreements, thus being able to offer our clients the quality they deserve and which we are committed to in our business “, affirms Andrew Groen.

The Fitness Hut chain has plans to open more gyms in the near future. These gyms will further strengthen the cooperation between the chain and Liscic, the NEC distributor.


“Apart from the gyms that we are planning to open at the end of summer of this year, we would like to expand our network with six new establishments based on the Fitness Hut concept. Liscic, who will of course continue to be our supplier, has everything we require, great technology and excellent conditions through Newrent. It also offers great technical assistance, always ready to solve our problems, and with all this we couldn’t be more content and excited about the future of this relationship”, concludes the director.