NEC Display Solutions Client Insatllaton LCD Public Displays and Projectors



As part of a complete renovation, the office buildings of Kustermann Park in Munich have been fitted out with the latest media technology. All projectors and LCD monitors are supplied by NEC Display Solutions. A total of 22 large-screen LCD monitors of the NEC MultiSync® P Series and 10 Type NEC NP3250 projectors have been installed.

The Challenge


Many international studies* confirm that the design of the working environment plays a central role in the creativity and productivity of the workforce. Amongst other things, this includes the ability to access the latest technologies. The owner of the Kustermann Park office complex, the Babcock & Brown property company, represented by Hanns Kaltenegger, has faced up to this fact, and in November 2008 launched a major renovation of the ageing building. For this purpose, it commissioned the architectural firms CL-Map and oliv architekten. These in turn, instructed the planning agency m+e consult to plan the electrical installation. Under their overall guidance, Buildings 1 and 2 were brought up to date inside and out. In doing so, particular emphasis was placed on providing contemporary fittings in the office buildings.

* e.g. “Oxygenz: Generation Y and the Workplace”, Johnson Controls Global WorkPlace Solutions. March 2010


The media technologies sub-project was the heart of the infrastructure modernisation, and ran from January 2010 until the reopening on 3rd May. Responsible for the selection and installation of the equipment was Claus Heinemann Elektroanlagen GmbH. In spite of the time pressure, the customer’s demanding technical requirements had to be fulfilled. The networking capability of the displays and projectors and, in particular, the ability to control them remotely using RS232 code played a central role in the selection of the equipment. Because of this, the user does not have to interact directly with the units. Instead, he works with a specially programmed Crestron media control system. This user-friendly remote controller provides all the control commands the user needs on a touchpad. Giuseppe Irmici, Project Manager for Media Technology at Heinemann, also cites the outstanding quality of all NEC units as the crucial argument in the choice of manufacturer: “Performance and reliability are particularly important for business use. For instance, failures can result in substantial consequential costs if a training course or presentation cannot be carried out as planned”, he explains. “As a rule, the equipment is responsible for only five to ten percent of the project costs. You shouldn’t spoil the ship for a ha’porth of tar.”


One of the first challenges was the planned training room for the Europäische Reiseversicherung (ERV) in Building 1 at Kustermann Park. Here, a chilled ceiling, which is almost completely criss-crossed by water pipes, provides a pleasant atmospheric environment. At the same time however, the pipes prevent the planned projector from being fitted in the middle of the room, as it is not allowed to drill the ceiling at this point. The solution is provided by the NEC NP3250 with its enormous flexibility. The unit was mounted offset, but still provides distortion-free projection thanks to the Lens-Shift and 3D-Reform functions. An example of the importance of partner know-how is shown by the boardroom of the Kustermann Park tenant, ERV. The ceiling in this room is too low to fit a projector without obscuring vision. Heinemann has therefore implemented a customised rear-projection system in this location. The entire hardware is hidden behind a wall at the head end of the room which also accommodates a projection surface. The central point of the installation is an NEC NP3250 projector with special wide-angle lens. Its light beam is directed onto the screen from behind by means of an accurately mounted mirror. As well as the invisible equipment, this solution also provides a higher contrast than conventional projections.


As well as satisfying culinary needs, the staff cafeteria at Kustermann Park is also used as a location for meetings and events. A flexible system of semi-transparent room dividers creates two islands which can be used to separate the area into two rooms or can be combined to form a single large area as required. Four NEC NP3250 projectors are provided by way of presentation equipment. With their enormous light intensity of 5,000 ANSI lumens and set-up options such as picture-inpicture and side-by-side, they enable manyfaceted multimedia presentations to be made. If even more brightness is required, up to four units can be combined using the stacking function. The software calibrates the projectors so that together they produce a common, extremely bright image. In doing so, the total light intensity is increased to 20,000 ANSI lumens. All projectors can be supplied simultaneously with the content to be displayed via LAN or WLAN without elaborate additional cabling. As an optional extra, they also provide five interchangeable lenses which optimally match the units to different room conditions and projection distances. The projectors are mounted on ceiling lifts which are extended as required.


The majority of the displays are deployed in conference rooms where they are used for presentations or video conferences. Monitors were sought which, along with a sophisticated design, were able to provide richly detailed pictures in full HD quality. The MultiSync® P series from NEC Display Solutions is ideally suited to this and also provides optional loudspeakers to ensure rich sound. With DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort interfaces, the LCDs are designed for all media servers. For a high level of reliability, the NEC models also have a multi-stage intelligent temperature control, which provides sufficient cooling for the display when needed. Two fan speeds can be selected, especially for use in conference environments. The noise level produced in the meeting room is almost inaudible due to the low speed of rotation. When lighting conditions are continuously changing, such as in the central reception area of the Kustermann Park building for example, variations in display quality can occur in spite of using a high-quality monitor. The three NEC MultiSync® P401 LC Public Displays fitted here benefit from a further intelligent feature - the Ambient Light Sensor.


This integrated ambient light sensor automatically adapts the brightness of the screen to changing light conditions, thus giving visitors a clear view of the displayed information at all times. By using analogue and digital signal compensation, the media servers can be positioned even further away. Distances of 300 metres can be realised with the internal CAD5 receiver, and even up to 600 metres in combination with the CAD5 splitter. The most elegant solution is the optional slotin PC which is available in three performance classes. It is incorporated directly into the display as a plug-in module.

The Result

’A representative office building, which is distinguished by ideal working conditions’
With the successful conversion and the integration of the latest technology, Kustermann Park has successfully accomplished the step into the digital age. Architects and media engineers have created a representative office building which is distinguished by ideal working conditions. The whole of the infrastructure and functionality was devised by Giuseppe Irmici, Project Manager of Claus Heinemann Elektroanlagen GmbH, 85774 Unterföhring.