A Virtual Cinema Tour – led by Digital Signage

Are you ready for the new age of cinema? At Sharp/NEC, we definitely are! We know that choosing the right Digital Signage solutions can help cinemas gain, entertain, and retain customers. Therefore, we are aiming to create the perfect visual experience for movie-goers with our innovative technologies.

Join us on our tour through a state-of-the-art cinema and be amazed by all the technological possibilities.

An extended cinematic experience throughout the entire venue

The outside and facade of the cinema alone can arouse the attention of passers-by and provide them with a first impression of the experience they will be offered inside. In this context, our Sharp/NEC outdoor signage is ideal to present the current program, events, and advertisements. These solutions are weather-resistant and guarantee perfect visibility of the contents even in very bright environments. Besides that, we offer a broad range of pixel pitches ensuring that outdoor LED installations are optimized to particular viewing distances.



The Future of the Foyer

The entrance area of a movie theater should give visitors a warm welcome and help them find their way. With the right digital signage solutions you can offer your audience a modern and informative visitor experience in your foyer. This allows you to advertise your program, promotions, and offers, as well as inform your customers in real time about play schedules. Showing trailers can additionally reduce waiting times and arouse the visitor’s excitement for a follow-up visit.

At the Eden Court Theatre, for example, a total of 17 NEC large format displays engage visitors in the foyer with vibrant video content featuring movie trailers, show highlights, and event listings.


The theatre delivers movie-goers a more targeted approach by tailoring advertising and promotions at scheduled times. With the capability to instantly update the content and constantly tweak the scheduling, Eden Court is now also able to optimize campaigns and reduce marketing costs.

According to Aisla Cullen, marketing manager at Eden Court, this installation has taken the promotion of the theatre’s projects to the next level.

Box Office Meet & Eat

When a customer is anxious to make his purchase before the movie starts, providing efficient service at the concessions sales counter contributes greatly to visitor satisfaction and increases upselling and cross-selling opportunities. Reliable and easy-to-read cash desk monitors which address the well-being of the operator with ergonomic adjustment and built-in Low Blue Light Plus technology filtering out hazardous blue light emissions and flickering are important to secure operational excellence. Touch-based cash desk monitors allow easy handling and intuitive operation at the point of sale helping to increase speed and accuracy without the need for lengthy operator training.


At the menu counter, increase revenues with well-conceived signage: digital menu boards or menu board projection greatly influence concession sales, promoting time-appropriate food choices, combo meal deals, and cross-sell opportunities within the venue.

With instant and scheduled updates, the messages and menu options can be changed throughout the day. Here, advertising can appeal to the senses, temping with subliminal messaging in life-size dimension: the fizz of the coke, the popping of the corn – it’s powerful point of sale upselling!

Enter Hollywood in your projection room

Popcorn in hand, settled in their seats, the audience expects to be transported to another world. The combination of screenplay, high quality image with super wide colour replication, enhanced sound and sometimes 3D experience must result in an exciting climax to their much anticipated leisure time. The digitisation of cinema projection, including new technical possibilities such as 3D, HFR, iMAX and 6P creates new opportunities, helping to establish loyalty in an increasingly competitive leisure activities space.


Two recent examples of what Sharp/NEC cinema technology can do for your showroom are Roxy Cinema and Giometti cinema.

At the Roxy Cinema’s Dubai Hills location we equipped one showroom with the largest PLF screen in the Middle East and North Africa, measuring a total of 423 square meters. With two NEC NC3541L 4K RB laser projectors, Dubai Hills is taking advantage of both laser phosphor and RGB laser technologies resulting in a powerful projector that delivers compelling benefits in terms of cost, operational efficiency, and immersive image quality.

At Giometti cinemas in Italy we used a NEC NC2041L and a NEC NC3541L 4K RB laser projector to upgrade their largest multiplex cinema. With these new technologies, Giometti is the first multiplex in Italy to now have fully upgraded to 4K laser projection technology. The efficient light processing system of the new technologies has a low initial cost and speckle free compared to RGB laser projectors and guarantees huge savings in operational costs compared to Xenon based projection systems by avoiding lamp replacements and reducing energy costs.

Easy and space saving installations are supported through a single solution without external coolers, light sources or the need for exhaust ventilation. Thanks to the high initial brightness level of 20,000 lumen, these projectors are a premium solution for the medium-sized as well as large format screens of up to 20m.

The green screen

Modern consumers are very conscious of environmental protection, which is also reflected in the way they are spending their leisure time. Cinema operators need to be aware of this and do their best to reduce their ecological footprint, thus sending a signal to their audience and making the visit particularly attractive for them. For this reason, we aim to assist cinema operators in achieving their sustainability goals and making their business future-proof. An important role to this plays the latest laser projection technology, as it proves to be much more energy efficient than classic xenon lamps. Additionally, it generates less heat and therefore does not require external cooling or fan systems – another plus point in the energy balance.


In addition, it should not be forgotten to mention that our Sharp/NEC laser projectors convince operators with their durability. In case something does need to be replaced, individual components can easily be repaired.

And if the time comes when the devices no longer meet the high demands of moviegoers due to their age, the projectors can be almost completely recycled. This is particularly important to us as part of our award-winning Green Cinema strategy.

Sharp/NEC as a partner

As a proven partner to cinema operators, for us at Sharp/NEC the needs of the customers always come first. To develop effective overall concepts, we as a manufacturer – strengthened by a comprehensive partner ecosystem – accompany our clients from planning, through implementation, all the way to ongoing services.

Learn more about our Sharp/NEC Digital Signage solutions for cinemas here or on our cinema microsite.