5 questions to ask your visual display provider.

In an era where audio visual technology is critical to successful working practices, choosing the right technology partner to guide you through the challenges of hybrid working becomes more important than ever. We suggest 5 questions to ask your visual display provider.

1. Can you offer reliable and safe performance?

High build quality brings peace of mind through the reassurance that your investment will continue to deliver peak performance over a long lifecycle. There is little more frustrating than technology that let’s you down, or worse, compromises safety.


3 key things to look for:

Metal construction – ridged and stable, yet light in weight, metal provides robust strength and precision build quality. Look for a metal chassis, not plastic or polycarbonate.

Thermal protection – heat is no friend of electronics. Use of metal helps to naturally dissipate heat. Ask your provider about additional thermal management tools to help protect product longevity.

Fire safety – metal is fire-retardant making it safe for use in public spaces. Ask about compliance to fire safety regulations.

2. What service and support can you offer me?

A quality manufacturer should offer more than just a product, they should offer a partnership for the long-term, helping to minimise the total cost of ownership and protect your ROI through a transparent service and support infrastructure.

4 key things to look for:

Integrity – it is vital to build a partnership based on trust. What kind of reputation does the display provider have in the industry?


Global warranties – essential for multinational organisations looking to establish global standards. Look for worldwide support to protect your global assets.

Service program – in a perfect world, your visual estate will require no attention over its lifecycle, but should it be necessary, can the manufacturer provide appropriate support?

Installation & Managed Services – extending the lifecycle and protecting your investment. Ask your visual display provider what value-added services they provide.

3. What practical steps are you taking towards sustainability?

Being environmentally responsible whilst operating energy consuming devices will always be a conundrum, but choosing high quality goes someway to extending the product lifecycle, therefore deferring waste. Ask your visual display provider about its environmental policy.


Look for the 4 Rs:

Reduce – what design features, ECO functionality and tools are available to minimise energy consumption?

Repair – look for products that are highly serviceable with components which can be repaired and replaced.

Recycle – how recyclable are the products and packaging? Be mindful of the circular economy.

Reuse – what design features allow the product to be reconfigured for future repurposing?

4. Can you provide an end-to-end solution tailored to my needs?

There are many visual display technologies available – large surface dvLED, passive and interactive LCD Large Format Displays and Desktop Displays, and Laser Projection - all suitable for different use cases and budgets. You need a display provider which can offer solutions-based technology, tailored to your specific needs.

Consultancy partner – you know your sector and the application; you need a technology partner to recommend the perfect-fit solution.

Partnerships & Alliances – it’s not just about the visual hardware, a turnkey solution will need additional expertise. Ask your visual display provider about its alliances with solutions providers.

Global Standardisation – multinational organisations are striving for efficiencies through global standardisation. Ask your visual display provider about support for pricing and warranties, and information about future product releases.

Vendor Compatibility – to guarantee the best user experiences you’ll want your displays to be compatible with the latest meeting room systems. Ask about certification for Cisco Webex, Barco ClickShare and Crestron RoomView, amongst others.



5. Can I influence new product development?

Technology innovation moves forward at pace, but it should be relevant and offer genuine benefits to improve the user experience – not just technology for technology’s sake. Look for a visual display provider who will listen to your requirements and feed this back to its R&D experts to bring forth future product features.


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