Operational Guidelines


24/7 Operation

Sharp/NEC Desktop Displays are designed to perform reliably over the long term. However, our desktop displays are primarily designed for standard office use, and use a variety of technologies depending on actual application and user requirements.

Sharp/NEC Large Format Displays are designed to perform reliably over the long term. However we also grade our products with differing operation time certification.


Sharp/NEC Display Cleaning and Disinfection Instructions

Keeping your device free from dust and fingerprints will ensure you enjoy the best possible viewing experience, but it is vital that you follow these simple steps to avoid damaging surfaces. Under the current threat of Covid-19, our recommended guidelines describe how to safely sanitise your device to support infection control measures.

The guidance applies to all Sharp/NEC Desktop Monitors, Projectors and Large Format Displays (interactive and non-interactive) including Remote Controls.


Best Practice Guidance

How to protect your Sharp/NEC Projection Equipment when your theatre/post production installation might be closed for a while.

Restarting maintenance checklist before turning on your Sharp/NEC Projection Equipment after a long inactivity period.