Intel® SDM Inside: bringing more powerful, future-proof possibilities to our digital displays

The new MESSAGE line-up of Large Format Displays is the first from Sharp/NEC to feature an integrated Intel® Smart Display Module or Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4. Find out how our integrated high-performance computing options are benefiting our customers.

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Case Studies

SlowDown Hotel, Travemünde

Multimedia to relax and unwind

As its name suggests, the aim of the SlowDown hotel is to relax and unwind. From the foyer and tapas bar to the spa and conference centre, Sharp/NEC LCD large format displays, videowalls and an eye catching dvLED wall convey dynamic imagery from nature to generate a calm and cosy atmosphere. 


The Big Picture - Technology Agnostic Visualisation

We take a look at what is important when selecting laser projection, Large Format Displays or Direct View LED. In addition to the actual image display, many factors are important when it comes to "the big picture"! The application, the spatial conditions and of course a budget provide the framework. It is all the more important to select the right technology and consider the overall package: supposedly cheap hardware quickly becomes expensive if the operating costs are too high or the devices are in need of repair.

Product News

The NEC MultiSync® E Series

Enter the world of professional signage


How to maximise the ROI of your control room system

Information in many and varied forms is fundamental to fast, accurate decision-making. Your NEC video wall system provides the tools to steer you through a crisis.

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ISE 2021

Jun 1, 2021 - Jun 4, 2021

ISE is an annual highlight to the whole team at Sharp/NEC. After thorough consideration, we’ve decided not to join this year, due to current uncertainties in the face of the pandemic timeline. We’d like to thank the team at ISE for their excellent work & look forward to ISE 2022.


What is an Energy Label and why is it changing?

Long-term, the change will make product comparison easier and help drive the industry towards its sustainability goals, but it could cause some confusion.

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