REALISE YOUR VISION: with a size, shape, features and price point matching any application requirement, with Sharp/NEC you won’t ever have to compromise on quality.

Unlike any other manufacturer, we have no reason to promote one display technology over another. Projection, LCD and LED; each has their pros and cons appropriate to the application, and we can supply them all.


Yet, fine pitch LED technology is offering a tantalising combination of advantages:

  • High brightness and deep contrasts.
  • Unlimited scalability and customisable flexibility.
  • No distracting bezels or screen reflection.

There is no denying it, LED is here to impress.

But a word of caution. Your LED vision is of a perfectly aligned, perfectly calibrated wall, giving the perception of a single vast digital surface. Anything less is a disappointment.

More than any other display technology, anything less than perfection is frustration. Whilst now a mainstream product, LED does still command a considered investment, so it would be foolish to disregard the importance of quality.

Quality is non-negotiable.


Be reassured that across our entire range of products, quality is non-negotiable.

We have recently introduced two new LED ranges (E Series and FE-E Series) to broaden our appeal in the value-oriented sector. We now have a full range of offerings for every application type from entry level to demanding high end. Not all applications require all our innovative features and capabilities, so to achieve the budget-friendly price point we can offer products perfectly targeted to less demanding applications.

But what is common across ALL of these ranges is our consistent attention to detail; quality of build and components; industry leading service; ease of installation and, most crucially, a metal cabinet structure.

Why is a metal cabinet so important?

There are several reasons why we will only consider using aluminium across all our product ranges, where our competitors favour plastic:

Aluminium is precision machined. It is robust and stable during handling and provides the infrastructure to support perfect alignment between pixel cards for that all-important homogenous canvas.


Aluminium is a thermal conductor meaning it naturally dissipates heat, expelling it away from susceptible componentry. This helps to maintain a consistent temperature inside the display for long lasting reliability and performance.

Aluminium is fire-retardant. Unlike plastic which melts and drips, aluminium will hinder the spread of fire making it safe for use in public spaces without the need for additional infrastructure such as sprinkler systems.

Aluminium is 100% recyclable. It can be recycled again and again without changing its properties, unlike most types of plastic used for electronic equipment.

For peace of mind, public safety, longevity, investment security, precision alignment, and sustainability. . . why would you risk a product constructed mainly of plastic?

Size is everything!

When matching the perfect fit solution to the viewing distance of your application, its not only the size of the display that matters – what is even more crucial is the size of the pixel pitch. The nearer you are to the display the finer the pixel pitch needed. The rule of thumb is 1mm pixel pitch for every 8-foot viewing distance. So, an LED display in a meeting room scenario will need a finer pixel pitch compared to a display used for signage where passers-by are more distant. Furthermore, the greater the number of meeting participants, or potential passers-by, the larger the display size needed.

The metres indicate the viewing distance (e,g.: 1mm Pixel Pitch = 8 Feet = approx. 2.4M)

Our broadest ever range of pre-bundled and customisable LED solutions cater for any application requiring any display size and shape, plus a wide choice of pixel pitches. And with an array of features tailored to specific environments and corresponding to budget parameters; we really can accommodate pretty much every application requirement!

The Sharp/NEC team and our approved suppliers are on hand to recommend and advise as to the perfect-fit for your needs. Here’s a quick snapshot of our offering:

Every application catered for.



A Series (Plug & Play Digital Poster)

A format ideal to replace traditional roll-up banners, the ultra-slim and light weight A Series digital poster can be positioned anywhere its needed for promotional or wayfinding information.

A highly versatile solution, free-standing or for integration into a housing and with two pixel pitch options (1.9mm, 2.5mm), the A Series is robust for use in public spaces with a cleanable protective screen.

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*NEW* E Series (Essential)

Available as a bundle package only, with everything included to create your stunning digital surface, the E Series presents 3 different display sizes (108”, 135”, 162”) and 3 pixel pitch options (1.2mm, 1.5mm, 1.8mm).

The pixel cards are front serviceable for easy replacement. The standout feature of these standard pre-configured bundles of 4x4, 5x5 or 6x6 cabinets is how incredibly slim they are at just 29mm in depth. Even with the power bar attached the entire depth is just 47mm making it light in weight and highly versatile.

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*NEW* FE-E Series (Enterprise Eco)

Sharing the same design as our award-winning FE Series, the FE-E is available as a customisable solution with three pixel pitch options (1.2mm, 1.5mm. 1.9mm). The key difference between the FE-E and its sister product is the use of a more cost-efficient LED diode.

Targeted at the most common mainstream application scenarios where humidity is not an issue, the FE-E series delivers an impressive price-performance ratio. The pixel cards are front serviceable for easy replacement.

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FE Series (Fine pitch Enterprise)

The FE Series is suitable for more demanding environments; high quality Multi-Color LED diodes (pixel pitches up to 1.9mm) ensure protection against humidity and with a fully flat surface they achieve wide viewing angles and reduced reflection.

In a wide range of bundled sizes (110”, 137”, 165”, 220”) and pixel pitches (0.9mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 1.9mm, 2.5mm, 3.1mm, 3.8mm), the FE Series is also available for customisable shapes and sizes. The pixel cards are front serviceable for easy replacement.

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FA Series (Fine pitch Advanced)

Featuring the same build design and high quality Multi-Color diodes across the entire range of pixel pitch options from 0.9mm to 3.8mm, the FA Series mirrors all the advantages of the award-winning FE Series.

Where the FA Series excels is in providing the functionality demanded for mission-critical applications such as command and control scenarios. With redundant power supplies and receiver cards, the FA Series provides full redundancy for fail-safe performance standards.

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*NEW* FE/FA Series SB (Super Black)

The design, structure and componentry of this specialist series matches that of the FE/FA series, the only difference is the pixel cards. Featuring a specially designed graphite layer, the resulting deep black surface is demanded for specialist applications in broadcasting studios.

Featuring 16-bit colour reproduction, the audience enjoys an immersive experience without any negative impact to colour accuracy or viewing angles.

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Q Series Indoor (Square)

With high brightness levels of up to 1200cd/m2, along with wide viewing angles and unrivalled contrast ratios up to 7000:1, the Q Series yields a powerful image for demanding indoor signage applications where ambient light is at its highest.

Available in 2.8mm or 3.9mm pixel pitch options, the versatile and customisable 1:1 aspect ratio modules configure to maximise the given space and generate extraordinary visual experiences.

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Q Series Outdoor (Square)

Rated IP65 to withstand some of the harshest environmental elements, the Q Series delivers a robust, outdoor solution for highly demanding signage requirements.

With ultra-high brightness up to 5,500cd/m2, wide viewing angles, and a range of pixel pitch options (2.8mm, 3.9mm. 4.8mm, 5.9mm and 7.8mm), far viewing distances and bright sunlight are no hindrance for high impact perception.

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