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Seeking to enhance the working environment in order to encourage collaboration and inspire creativity, ITV set about transforming its workplace technology. Achieving a minimalist look which complements the sleek white design of its Apple estate, 4,000 NEC EX231W screens have been installed on desktops throughout the organisation. Improving communication in public access areas, NEC’s 46inch X463UN ultra narrow bezel videowall display creates a striking first impression for visitors.

ITV is the largest commercial television network in the UK. It is the home of popular television from the biggest entertainment events, to original drama, major sport, landmark factual series and independent news. It operates a family of channels including ITV, ITV2, ITV3 and ITV4 and CITV which are broadcast free-to-air.

ITV is also focused on delivering its programming across multiple platforms including, video on demand on cable television and other ‘closed’ platforms, mobile devices and games consoles. ITV Studios produces and sells programmes and formats in the UK and worldwide, and comprises of ITV’s UK and international production operations, international distribution, home entertainment, publishing, merchandising and licensing.


The Challenge

In 2010, ITV announced that it was to embark on a five-year Transformation Plan to create world class content which can be made famous on its channels, before being exploited across multiple platforms in the UK and internationally. Technology plays a key part of this vision and therefore, ITV aimed to upgrade its technology infrastructure and improve communication, collaboration and creativity of its staff. As part of this plan, ITV has moved away from a PC based infrastructure replacing most of its employees’ primary devices with Apple Macs.

Paul Dale, ITV’s chief technology officer, said “when I arrived at ITV one of my tasks was to implement a company-wide plan for workplace technology in order to enable our staff to deliver ITV’s Transformation Plan. I am delighted to announce these collaborations with leading technology providers who offer the depth and scope of service we need to transform our internal ways of working across the business.”

ITV was looking for a 16:9 widescreen display for use in combination with Macbook Air and Macbook Pro devices, all of which had been specified by ITV within its Transformation Plan. The primary requirement was to achieve a minimalist look which complemented the sleek white design of the Apple estate and support the mobility and creativity of staff. Wishing to reduce their environmental impact and minimise on-going operational costs, ITV was also keen to utilise displays which consumed minimal power and demonstrated genuine ECO features. Equally, the display must provide high resolution performance for good image detail with a 16:9 aspect ratio, the standard for use in television.


The NEC Solution

With a 23inch LED backlit widescreen display and 1920 x 1080 HD resolution, the white bezel NEC EX231W is an ideal display for use alongside the Macbook. From the Office Cool range, the EX231W is designed to fit easily within the modern office environment, with an ultra-narrow bezel and slim, light weight chassis, the design is minimalist and perfectly complements the Apple look.

LED backlight technology not only minimises power consumption but ensures perfect uniformity across the screen for superb image performance. The EX Series delivers performance with less material and packaging consumed, less waste produced, less harmful substances and less energy required for transportation. Innovations such as the human sensor, detect user activity in front of the monitor and reduces power usage by up to 94% with inactivity. The ambient light and auto-brightness sensors and ECO mode further reduce the already low power consumption.

The Result

ITV has successfully achieved the roll-out over a number of sites including the Southbank and Grays Inn Road in London and UK MediaCity in Salford Quays with 4,000 EX231W screens installed alongside their estate of Apple Mac devices. For users with a specific requirement for additional desktop screen space, the 27inch EA273WM displays have been deployed and users employed in demanding colour critical operations utilise the professional PA271W display with 10-bit P- IPS panel technology.


Upgrading ITV’s technology infrastucture goes beyond the desktop to encompass digital signage in order to improve communication in public access areas and aid collaboration in meeting rooms and break out areas. The reception at ITV’s South Bank office utilises NEC’s 46inch X463UN ultra narrow bezel videowall display in a 3x3 configuration to create an striking first impression for visitors. The videowall displays ident branding footage for each of ITV’s channels and show reels from The London Studios with glimpses of current and past ITV shows to inform and entertain both staff and visitors to ITV.

A further 2x2 videowall is installed in the break out area on the fourth floor at Gray’s Inn Road and single installation P462 46inch displays from NEC’s Professional series are installed in a number of meeting rooms.

ITV elected to work with NEC as part of the technology transformation with primarily the EX Office Cool Displays delivering the performance and aesthetics to complement their estate of Apple Macs. Commenting following the 18 month roll-out, Jason Hamer, Service Operations Manager at ITV says “we worked closely with NEC to ensure we sourced the right screens for our needs with aesthetics being our principal consideration. The ordering process was very smooth and delivery ran to time. We are delighted to have achieved a coherent approach for our technology, following very minimalist lines as determined by the Apple blueprint. All that can be seen on the majority of staff desks now is a smart white display and a cable, allowing staff to arrive with their Macbook and simply connect via the DisplayPort connection. By supporting the mobility of staff in this way, enhancing the work setting and upgrading the technology infrastructure, we have created an environment which encourages collaboration and inspires creativity.”