Sharp NEC Display Solutions customer installation, Higher Education

Northumbria University

Long-term trusted partnership

Reduced costs and consistent reliability are just some of the benefits Northumbria University has achieved by partnering with Sharp/NEC for all its cross-campus visual technology requirements.

A modern university with a global reputation, Northumbria welcomes over 30,000 students each year making it one of the largest universities in the UK. Highly research-based, the university collaborates with leading research partners and brands to push the boundaries of convention, positioning itself as a transformative organisation.

The AV technology employed by the university is integral to a highquality teaching and learning experience and Northumbria has chosen to standardise on the Sharp/NEC brand throughout campus. Keith Tulip, audio visual specialist at Northumbria University has trusted the partnership for over a decade:

“The level of support we receive from Sharp/NEC is second to none, instantaneous even. The reliability of the product is tremendous but where there have been issues, they have been sorted within a one-day turnaround – I feel very confident working with Sharp/NEC.”

Transition to laser

Over the course of the pandemic, Northumbria University took the opportunity to transition entirely from lamp-based to laser projection. Following a shootout against other brands, the NEC P525UL proved to offer the level of performance and flexibility suitable for the majority of its 250+ teaching spaces.

“In terms of size, brightness and noise, the P525UL gives us everything we need. Larger spaces have dual or triple stacked projection for extra brightness and image size, or we have the option of using the even brighter P703UL. Our maintenance requirements are now close to zero and our classroom AV provision is reliable, instant, and consistent – much appreciated by our teaching staff.”


The P252UL is a universally popular choice for classrooms and meeting rooms since it is so silent in operation. Compared to the noise level of a ticking watch, Sharp/NEC’s innovative sealed engine design not only minimises noise but also means the unit is filter-free, further minimising maintenance and costs.


Extra large format visualisation

Specialist teaching spaces benefit from Sharp/NEC large format displays where Northumbria has standardised on the MESSAGE Series, both the ME (Essential) and M (Mainstream) as needs dictate ensuring the highest level of flexibility and budget efficiency. 86” and 76” models provide the screen estate needed for collaborative usage, whilst 55” sizes are used as repeater screens.

Huddle spaces in the café hub are equipped with ME series, whilst throughout campus, networked signage provides student and visitor messaging in all public spaces.

Consistent reliability

By standardising on Sharp/NEC, Northumbria University has achieved a high level of consistency across campus. Staff and students enjoy technology familiarity in all spaces whilst the AV team benefit from reduced support requirements. Resultant cost savings are significant and Sharp/ NEC’s five-year warranty brings additional peace of mind.

“On such a large campus, we are continuously refreshing technology to ensure our students get the best possible learning experience – it’s a neverending cycle. Our partnership with Sharp/NEC means we have access to all visual technologies from one trusted supplier. We are currently looking at dvLED technology for several spaces requiring large digital surfaces.”