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VKT Video Kommunikation GmbH

The future is now with LED technology

VKT Video Kommunikation GmbH is a long-standing Sharp/NEC integration partner specialising in media technology and high-speed cameras. Its business premises in Pfullingen (Baden-Württemberg) house an impressive showroom where customers can see the company’s innovative technologies for themselves.

A vast art wall in the showroom used to consist of eight 55” largeformat displays, but VKT has taken a step into the technological future with an LED wall.

The Challenge

Advanced technology and intuitive installation

In summer 2022, the company’s video wall consisting of 55” LFDs was ready for an upgrade. “We wanted to use futuristic display technology to show our customers exactly what they could achieve by following the latest trends in digital signage – and it’s all about LED these days”, says Elke Wittmann, Sales Manager for Media Technology at VKT.

“But we weren’t sure whether LED were suitable for our requirements”, continues Wittmann. “We wanted to win over our customers with a combination of impressive image quality, simple installation and intuitive design. The solution also had to be suitable for lower-budget projects”.

As a specialist technology integrator, VKT wasn’t just looking to present the technical advantages of innovative display solutions – it wanted to be fully trained in all aspects of LED technology to come across as a trustworthy partner.

The Solution

LED bundle with technical certification

The company’s specialist department and management team were convinced by Markus Eisemann, Manager of Channel Sales in Germany, Austria and Switzerland at Sharp/NEC: “Our LED E Series bundle is exactly what VKT was looking for. The all-in-one solution has everything you need to present large-format content without disturbing frames. Its impressive brightness and high-contrast images attract people’s attention even in very bright environments”.


Thanks to its light and slim design, the E Series can be used as a free-standing solution or mounted on walls blending seamlessly into the room. The solution also stands out for its safety and sustainability features, as its flame-retardant metal housing can be recycled after use. When it comes to maintenance, all components are easy to access from the front of the solution. Sharp/NEC even offers a certification scheme to provide integrators with comprehensive training in LED technology.

In June, the company’s teams started the theoretical part of their remote training. This was followed by the practical part in July, where the newly trained VKT technicians had the chance to install their own LED wall. It took them two days to set up the system in the VKT showroom, and the installation work was overseen by two Sharp/NEC experts.

“The experts from Sharp/NEC kept a very close eye on our technicians on both days, offering them lots of useful tips, tricks and advice to ensure that the LED wall could be installed without any problems”, says Wittmann. “That hands-on learning is exactly what has made us LED experts”.

The Result

All-inclusive LED package for partners and end customers

After around eight weeks of project work since the start of training, VKT has now upgraded its showroom with the E Series LED wall. Its customers will now be able to experience brilliant image quality without disturbing frames and can get lots of advice on the technology of the future from VKT’s freshly trained experts.


VKT has also upgraded its own staff meetings, as presentations and videos can be displayed in stunning detail on the LED wall – so the technology is also a win for the company’s employees.

“We made a good choice with Sharp/NEC. We’re already living in the future – frames are out, LED are in”, says Elke Wittmann. “We found it really helpful to talk to the LED professionals at Sharp/NEC along the way. Sharp/NEC and VKT have the same values when it comes to quality – it’s our top priority. That’s why we don’t just look for the right technology – our technicians also have to be 100% up to the task. The training courses and our intensive exchange with LED experts helped us achieve our goal”.

VKT will now present the benefits of LED technology from its first-hand experience. Its target markets include upmarket hotels, vocational schools, exhibition stand constructors and event venues.