NEC ReTrade


Trade in your old Projector when you trade up to NEC

Make your next Projector purchase an NEC and you could trade-in your old projector for cash and take comfort that you are doing your part in preserving resources and creating a sustainable environment.

With the NEC ReTrade Programme, for each NEC Projector you purchase we will arrange to trade-in your old projector and offer you cash as consideration.

85 % of the returned projectors will be refurbished and returned to the market meaning less hazardous substances require disposing off, vastly less material are wasted and less new resources are unnecessarily consumed. Purchases and Trade-Ins are welcomed and virtually any common projector is covered within three month after purchase of the new NEC Projector.

Check the value of your old projector now!

Taking part in the programme is simple, with a dedicated website providing full instructions and instantly listing prices paid for used projectors. Prices may vary on a daily basis and consideration is taken of the condition of the projector returned when the final payment is made.

A Simple On-Line Process 

  1. Purchase your preferred NEC Projector (click here for a list of current NEC models)
  2. Click on the below button “Start ReTrade now”
  3. Describe your returned projector: Manufacturer, Model and Condition (Multiple trade-ins are possible on a one per NEC Projector purchased basis)
  4. Receive an instant Trade-In Quotation
  5. By accepting the online quotation you will receive an e-Mail with detailed instructions for transportation and further process
  6. Ship your pre-owned projector, together with a proof of purchase for an NEC Projector (including serial number) using the shipping label provided. No shipping costs will be incurred. Please be sure to use original or appropriate packaging and include any accessories you still possess such as remote controls or cables, to help ensure the projector meets the anticipated condition.
  7. The used projector and the proof of purchase will be inspected on receipt. If all is in order you will receive your payment in the pre-selected form.
  8. The NEC ReTrade Programme is operated in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxemburg, Netherlands, United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, Poland, Denmark, Sweden and Finland.

Terms and Conditions apply to this offer.

With our ‘Green Vision’ Environmental Initiative, NEC strive to help to create a sustainable society friendly to humans and our planet.

Start ReTrade now

Note: With a click on this button you will be forwarded to our co-operation partner ReBeam.