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Why 3D?

Quality 3D media and playback creates an outstandingly enhanced viewing experience. Provided the 3D content is of a sufficiently high standard and the means of delivery via projection, display or other systems are technically satisfactory, whatever the viewer is watching they will enjoy a more engaging and rewarding experience that is essentially
incomparable to conventional 2D viewing. In terms of reality, capturing attention, increasing emotional response and ultimately providing more visual information in the same amount of time, 3D viewing stands alone.

With easier visual understanding of an object’s dimensional characteristics, objects no longer appear a fixed distance
away, but distances appear between them, with the viewer perceiving themselves physically amongst displayed content.


3D is interesting and captivating, it is new and inspiring, in particular Education audiences find the learning experience
more inspirational, more enjoyable and therefore more memorable.

In a similar time to conventional filming, 3D passes considerably more information to the viewer in a simple to grasp
manner, it therefore effortlessly accelerates learning without making the experience more trying. This is a potential
advantage in education and in the commercial world of presentations or modelling.

Whether it is interest, admiration, attraction, curiosity, or fear or awe, high quality 3D media powered by the latest 3D projection systems adds to the emotional experience to the extent that conventional viewing can seem comparatively unrewarding. 3D technology is now both convincing and visually outstanding and is set to improve as Studio’s become more familiar with making the most from the advances in 3D technology that NEC has helped spearhead.