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Digital Cinema 3D Solutions



According to the Motion Picture Association of America, the global portion of 3D digital screens has reached over 50% already in 2014, continuing to grow. Our Digital Cinema Solutions are at the forefront of the rapid expansion of 3D Movies at the Box Office, providing the ideal means to display the latest movies from renowned directors. 3D Solutions that deliver genuine benefits. NEC Digital Cinema Systems are able to operate with any 3D Digital Cinema technologies currently available. They work with Anaglyph, Polarising, and Shutter 3D Systems.



When to Choose NEC Digital Cinema

Where a high quality image, up to 32 metres wide screen size, viewed by up to 1000 people is required.

  • High Brightness
  • High Quality
  • Advanced Content Management and Security
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Play any 3D Cinema Technology
  • Greater ‘Per Seat’ Revenue