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Large Venue 3D Solutions



Based on the respected NEC NP3250 Series Installation Projectors, this innovative solution takes advantage
of NEC’s stacking logic to produce high brightness colour 3D content for larger venues. Ideal for 3D viewing
in Leisure Chains, Corporates or Education, where the venue is larger and the number of people viewing is
also large, but lower cost glasses are needed.

NEC 3D Stacking delivers high brightness from a combination of 2 or 4 projectors. It is easy to set-up with SCT
software and uses affordable passive glasses. Set up is straight forward and no different to the “normal” NEC
stacking set-up, automated by loop-through of a standard side by side 3D signal separated and re-scaled by
the projector with picture separation on the projectors. NEC Stacking offers higher brightness up to 20,000
Lumen at lower cost than Digital Cinema and works with polarising glasses that cost less than shutter glasses
but still offer enviable quality for use with larger sized audiences.

When to choose NEC 3D Stacking Projection

  • Screen width is between 2.5M and 8M with normal indoor lighting conditions
  • There are up to 200 regular viewers
  • A lower cost 3D glasses option is required
  • Heavy Duty performance is required