Passenger Entertainment
Experience Zones and Interactivity

Experience Zones and Interactivity

With long waiting times in departure lounges and gates, airports need to provide a range of entertainment opportunities to waiting passengers, especially those with children.

Allowing passengers to interact with technology, provides opportunities to capture their data, gauge mood and influence and inform. With the advent of IoT sensors and beacons, wifi triangulation and facial recognition, passenger information can be made more relevant and more timely, creating a more informed experience during their journey around the terminal.

Displays incorporating multi-touch technology deliver the same experience as passengers get from their smartphones, providing a familiar interface to finding new services and offerings within the terminal, without having to download a unique airport app.

New interactive laser projection technology adds a new string to the bow. The ability to project an interactive image onto any surface of the terminal opens up new applications that can be very affordably trialled, without the costs of a fixed LCD or LED solution. Whether it be an interactive floor game in a kid zone, or advertising on a tunnel wall, NEC’s new 24/7 laser projectors deliver high brightness images at the lowest price per inch ratio.