Retail Signage
Indoor and Outdoor Retail and Duty Free Signage

Indoor and Outdoor Retail and Duty Free Signage

Airports have widely been identified as prime sites for the deployment of digital signage, as passengers often have long periods of dwell time and in general a large proportion of passengers fit the profile of CIP (Commercially Important Person) and VIP. Some of the world’s largest digital signage networks have been deployed within airports, and NEC as the recognised leader in signage solutions has gained valuable experience in their deployment.

With some airports already generating over 70 % of their revenues from commercial operations, advertising through digital signage can effectively be used to drive retail sales within the terminal.

High reliability designed for a low overall TCO and a stable image quality are achieved through the use of commercial components and an intelligent thermal management which allows for an even heat distribution specifically in challenging conditions such as direct sunlight exposure – A smart and eco-friendly solution that will let you stay in touch with your audience 24/7, providing stunning visibility in a bright airport surrounding.

Professional grade performance and safety with NEC advanced heat management
Perfect viewing experience and readability even in a very bright surrounding
Functional advantages with future proof connectivity including HDMI and DisplayPort
Safe investment and functional advantages due to modularity and flexibility
Certified for landscape and portrait operation