Flight Information Display Systems

Flight Information Display Systems

The airport environment is a hostile one for a display, operating extensively for periods with much static information. Displays are often deployed open to the terminal environment or in protective casings. The design of the display must involve optimisation to operate well in these environments.

Displays are typically housed in FIDS trees and therefore replacing a failed display can be interruptive and costly as replacements are normally made during non-operating times with specialist access equipment.

NEC Professional Series products are designed to meet these challenges and deliver the trusted performance expected in the airport environment.

Commercial grade LCD modules designed for 24/7 use
Display sizes from 32” to 98” available
Panel sealed against dust
3 stage heat management system
Japanese high quality components
Low operating power with ambient light sensing
Temperature sensors to protect against image retention
All metal chassis designed to last
Compliant to EU Fire Regulations as well as Emission Class B

A range of OPS compliant slot-in FIDS controllers, allow you to choose the appropriate computing power for your FIDS application, whether you are displaying just flight information or a mix with advertising or video. Consuming the lowest amount of power in the industry, our flight information display systems significantly reduce an airport’s operating costs.

Slot-In Controllers for Flight Information Display and Retail Signage
Slots into any NEC Flight Information Display
Compliant with Intel’s OPS Open Standard Format
All Industrial Components
Range of Processor Speeds to meet your Application needs
Very Low Power
Range of Operating System Support
Long Product Life Cycles

Subject to environmental conditions, content and change of content, products marked as 24/7 are appropriate for 24/7 use, however please refer to NEC Operational Guidelines for exact terms of use.