Innovative Display Solutions from a Trusted Supplier


Sharp/NEC is one of only a few global brands that are focussed 100% on professional and not consumer clients, with over 30 years’ experience supporting corporate clients in mission critical applications. This allows us to accurately predict stock availability (without fluctuation for consumer trends) and more importantly we have built a support infrastructure that meets business needs and maximises running times.

Delivering bespoke services

For large scale transportation projects, Sharp/NEC is able to offer additional services that can aid the project implementation. We understand that product may be required 6 months ahead of commissioning and that warranty contracts may need to be adjusted accordingly.

Similarly, Sharp/NEC can offer a level of hot swap units that are kept on site during large scale project installations, so that customers can have instant access to replacement displays in the unlikely occurrence of a dead on arrival unit.


ServicePlus – a commitment to Quality

Sharp/NEC has built a world-renowned reputation developing Display Solutions that offer the ultimate in quality, performance and longevity. We are recognised for professional performance and our product philosophy has enabled Sharp/NEC to become a leading name in the transportation and mission-critical sector. This reputation is mirrored in our industry-leading service and support programs.

ServicePlus Promise

Our commitment to quality encompasses the entire sales cycle from pre-sales through to the replacement phase. We take the guessing out of installing and managing a Display Solution inventory over a standard or extended lifecycle.

Warranty Extensions

Sharp/NEC offers tailored warranties to best match the demands of the application. Most Sharp/NEC products are available with a standard 3 year warranty, plus a range of optional warranty extensions are available.

Value Added Services

We aim to take the pain out of installation, commissioning and running issues with hands-on support every step of the way. Our customers can take advantage of an extensive range of services, all designed in line with customer requirements.