Passenger Information Display Systems

Customisation & mounting options

To build the solution that meets the customer’s exact application requirements means customisation is often required, and so we offer a range of approved solutions that enable wider use of our core display products. Each solution is tested and certified by us, ensuring that the display’s functionality and reliability is not compromised.


Our mounting solutions support flexible deployment from ceilings, walls, freestanding or mobile to ensure passengers are fully informed wherever they are in the terminal building.

Wall and ceiling mounts

Our approved mounting systems for FIDS ensure that all our displays are correctly hung without risk to the passenger. Tested and approved by Sharp/NEC, all mounting solutions provide easy installation and post-installation adjustment. Where multiple displays are to be banked, Sharp/NEC’s mounts can be connected to ensure perfect alignment. Available in portrait and landscape, and single and back-to-back orientation, Sharp/NEC displays can be securely mounted vertically or up to 20 degrees variation.

Video wall mounts

Building video walls with the wrong or inferior mounting brackets can result in a poor finish and add many man hours to the installation. Sharp/NEC’s video wall mounts are tested in-house and approved for use with the NEC UN Series video wall modules. The video wall mounts have been proven to provide easy installation and adjustment to ensure perfect alignment. The mounts also provide easy access for cabling, as well as front access for maintenance of the video wall. All these features will help to ensure the long life operation of our displays with little or no maintenance.

Protective glass

In some areas of the airport where displays need to be placed below 2.3 m height, Sharp/NEC offers a protective glass covering that is integrated and sealed inside the bezel of the display during manufacture. As with all Sharp/NEC products we only provide the highest quality components and our protective glass is no different. We use 4 mm thermally toughened Conturan glass from Schott, that is designed not only to protect the display from damage but also to enhance the clarity of image through the use of anti-reflective glass with dual-sided optical interference coatings between 50 to 100 nm thick to provide reduced reflection and resultantly high light transmission.

Laser marking

Delivered fully customised to your specification, with our laser engraving service, your branded display and projection deployment is pre-marked, out-of-the box and comes with full manufacturer's warranty.

Helping to protect your investment whilst displaying your brand logo, or other tagging details, the tamper-resistant marking will appear on your assets according to your supplied design and specification.

The Sharp/NEC Product Overview Brochure presents a snapshot of our wide portfolio.