Passenger Information Display Systems

LCD large format displays & videowalls

In sizes 32 to 98” or multiple configurations for large surface videowalls, with feature sets designed to meet any application requirement, our range of LCD large format displays are prevalent throughout the entire passenger journey displaying vital travel information, directional guidance, entertainment and advertising content.

For restricted environments, our 42” 16:4 displays provide an alternative format ideal for wayfinding.


Featuring embedded slim profile Intel®SDM or Raspberry Pi compute modules, our large format displays are future proofed with secure upgradable computing power offering open standard OS support and HTML5 compliance.

Light in weight, slim design with robust build quality, our large format displays offer exceptional installation flexibility for FIDS clusters, back-to-back deployments or scalable videowall configurations. With built-in intelligence, our professional displays feature IoT sensors and event triggers enabling pre-configuration and pre-emptive control of your display assets.

Public safety is a priority. We only use metal, not plastic, casings for our displays ensuring they are safe for use in public spaces without the need for additional safety infrastructure such as sprinker systems. Options for protective glass provide additional protection in high footfall public spaces.

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The Sharp/NEC Product Overview Brochure presents a snapshot of our wide portfolio.