Get a one-year free license of FlatFrog Board for Rooms with your Sharp/NEC InGlass™ touch display!

FlatFrog Board - The Collaborative Whiteboard for large interactive displays

FlatFrog Board makes hybrid work easy and equally productive for everyone, wherever you are located.

Get a one-year free license of FlatFrog Board for Rooms with your Sharp/NEC InGlass™ touch display!

Walk up and use

The FlatFrog Board for Rooms whiteboard is always available. Just walk up and start using it. Grab a pen and start inking.

Same ease of use as a traditional whiteboard.


  • Designed to be as intuitive as your dry-erase whiteboard
  • Add sticky notes and templates
  • Choose from different templates to make teams more productive
  • Collaborate from any device (interactive display, notebook, iPad, mobile phone)
  • Join and host meetings from anywhere
  • Meeting room to home (display to personal device)

Collaborating from your personal device

Your remote colleagues can join the meeting room from the laptop, tablet or smartphone using FlatFrog Board personal. Try it out today by signing up for free.

Sign up here: FlatFrog Board



Supports modern workflows

Use FlatFrog Board before, during and after a meeting

  • guests can join, user accounts are free

Open your FlatFrog Board in room

  • bring premade content easily to a meeting room display from your laptop or mobile device

Save your FlatFrog Board notes

  • Ad-hoc notes are easy to save by scanning the QR-code shown on the meeting room display
  • Sharded boards are saved automatically


Available as an app within Microsoft Teams

  • FlatFrog Board for Teams is available where your meetings happen. Phone, laptop or in the meeting room.
  • Embed FlatFrog Board in Microsoft Teams Channels and Chats to seamlessly collaborate with your team.
  • Collaborate effortless with partners and customers that are not part of your Microsoft Teams tenant. They do not even need to create an account.


Upgrade your meeting room with a digital whiteboard companion

The interactive display in a meeting room does not necessarily have to be the main display in the room. Think of your traditional whiteboard which has always been an additional resource in the room – always available in the room for people to just walk up and start sharing ideas.

The digital whiteboard companion consists of a Sharp/NEC InGlass™ touch display, a Windows PC (e.g. SDM slot-in PC) and the FlatFrog Board for Rooms software.