Navigating the LED display jungle: you can count on our consultancy

With over 500 LED display vendors in the global marketplace, each offering a myriad of LED technologies, it is very easy to get lost in the LED display jungle.

Adding to this confusion are the many different terms and definitions associated with LED technology: SMD, IMD, THD/DIP, flip chip, multi-pixel, COB, GOB, MiniLED, MicroLED…. where on earth do you start?!

Then there are all the pixel pitches available, ranging from 0.4mm to over 20mm and everything in between. And what about all the system design features and add-on options to configure the final display solution - how do you know what you need?

LED display technology is prolific at ISE (the world’s largest gathering of AV and systems integration providers); it’s becoming more and more dominant each year as new manufacturers enter the market attracted by the huge forecasted potential of LED. Just a glance across the ISE show floor (of which there are many) demonstrates how crowded this marketplace is as vendors compete for attention.

So, if you’re in the market for LED displays, how and where do you start looking?

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Why choose an LED display?

The complexity of LED technology and the confusion it causes may have you wondering why you would even step into this jungle?! But LED offers a compelling proposition.


WALBUSCH, Berlin, Germany

Certainly, it’s not always the right way to go depending on your requirements, where LCD video walls and projection may achieve the large image size you desire at lower cost. But in terms of impact, an LED screen produces vivid high brightness paired with extreme contrast to create stunningly captivating imagery.

Robust against the most demanding environmental conditions, indoor and outdoor, with unlimited scalable flexibility, an LED display is often the preferred or indeed the only choice. Beyond the visual performance, LED also promises an exceptionally long lifecycle with serviceable parts, and low power consumption, making it a sustainable choice.

No wonder LED displays are becoming a trending technology.

Finding your way through the LED display jungle

Many of the terms mentioned above have been coined by manufacturers in order to differentiate their product from competitors. Much of the jargon is simply different ways to describe the same technology. That being said, there are still several different LED display technologies available, so choosing the right one continues to be fraught with much confusion.

Different technologies have different advantages and disadvantages in terms of visual performance, durability, and value. With so many vendors in the market, quality and price will range dramatically, and as with all capital investments, ‘fit-for-purpose’ must be your primary purchasing criteria. The big decision to invest in the latest state-of-the-art visual technology must result in a satisfying solution. So where to start?

You don’t need to be an LED expert; you just need to know what you want to achieve.


A&O, Luxemburg

No limit to the potential of LED technology


MVV, Mannheim, Germany

To help reduce the complexity of LED technology which has multiple parts, a ‘bundled’ solution in standard sizes and pixel pitches with everything included under a single SKU helps to simplify the purchase. Whilst installation requires specially trained technicians, the standardised options are more in line with existing Pro AV knowledge helping to ease the way for LED into corporate and education sectors for signage and presentation applications.

Whilst LED screens shine in meeting rooms, their potential has no limits elsewhere. From corporate lobbies and transport terminals to sports stadiums and building facades. Indoors or outdoors, in bright sunlight and hostile weather conditions, LED is robust and resilient. For such demanding installations, successful outcomes require not only the right technology, but also expert project management and ongoing service and support.

LED display technology and so much more

The Sharp/NEC LED Solutions Center is trusted by architects, construction companies, advertising agencies, city authorities and cultural institutions. Not only are we experts in LED display technology, but we are also experts in everything else that results in a successful outcome, enjoyed over an exceptionally long lifecycle.

We guide you from your first idea, advising on the most appropriate LED options, taking the time to understand your requirements and the demands of the installation site. We are familiar with the permissions and approvals process, taking the pain away from our customers. Established and trusted strategic partnerships allow us to deliver a complete end-to-end solution including content management. Through our consultancy and project management, and on-going support, you are assured of the best possible achievement of your vision.

Beyond our standard products, Sharp/NEC offers a range of customised solutions, bespoke to your unique requirements. No project is beyond the scope of our expertise, our product development team will rise to any challenge.


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