Swansea University

Reliable projection performance from classroom to auditorium

Enjoying a stunning beachfront location, Swansea University in South Wales operates across two sites; Singleton Park, and the recently developed Bay Campus which doubled the size of the university. Founded in 1920, Swansea is a vibrant, research-led university serving over 20,000 students whilst offering world-class facilities to the wider community.


University of Portsmouth, Space Mission Incubator

Mission-grade performance within budget-limiting parameters

Operating under the tightest of deadlines, orchestrated by Roche AV, Sharp/NEC provides the technology to enable academics and industry experts to visualise space mission design.


Medical Faculty Mannheim at the University of Heidelberg

Innovative LED technology for precise pathological analysis

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Medical Faculty Mannheim at the University of Heidelberg, like many other universities and colleges, was forced to adopt more modern teaching methods using audiovisual technology and digital signage. In 2021, the first steps were taken to modernise technologies across the entire campus of the Medical University of Mannheim.


University of Hertfordshire

Embracing LED in Higher Education

The University of Hertfordshire has always been at the forefront of AV innovation. Recently, it undertook a huge project to integrate Sharp/NEC LED displays into its long-term AV strategy.


Brussels Airport

Long life, low TCO, full safety

Reducing the cost of ownership whilst delivering an enhanced experience for visitors in the arrival’s hall has been achieved using dvLED technology from Sharp/NEC.


Human Performance Institute MOTUM

LED technology makes MOTUM a pioneer in 3D motion analysis

The Human Performance Institute MOTUM makes movement measurable. In the test and experience world in Neu-Rum, Austria, state-of-the-art biomechanical movement analyses are carried out in a scientifically evidence-based setting. The mission: To help people achieve or regain their movement optimum and prevent injuries, thus contributing significantly towards improved performance.


Avanzia, Spain

AV specialist, Avanzia, installs the NEC dvLED 1.2mm fine pitch E Series, providing a high quality canvas to support hybrid meetings and presentations for corporate users at its hotel client’s premises.

Watch the video to find out why they choose to partner with Sharp/NEC.


The Munich University of Applied Sciences, Department of Design

Precise visualisation on a small budget

Digital media has long been part of the everyday work and instructional life at schools and universities. The use and availability of audiovisual equipment is even used as a criterion for today’s students choosing where they wish to study. Educational institutions are increasingly trying to address the growing demand for collaborative solutions to create a future-proof learning environment for students.


VKT Video Kommunikation GmbH

The future is now with LED technology

VKT Video Kommunikation GmbH is a long-standing Sharp/NEC integration partner specialising in media technology and high-speed cameras. Its business premises in Pfullingen (Baden-Württemberg) house an impressive showroom where customers can see the company’s innovative technologies for themselves.


Northumbria University

Long-term trusted partnership

Reduced costs and consistent reliability are just some of the benefits Northumbria University has achieved by partnering with Sharp/NEC for all its cross-campus visual technology requirements.