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Medical dental center – Naples

Operating theatre and work processes improved by NEC operating room display and natural user unterface system

Medical Dental Center – Naples, needed to improve the efficiency of processes during surgery so they improved the way a digital display was used for example by eliminating the need for the surgeon to physically touch the display or to provide instructions for the display to nursing staff. Using a 46-inch OR display, NEC MD462OR, and a natural user interface system (NUI Appliance), the centre has equipped its operating theatre with an advanced OR display system to be more efficient.

The Challenge

The Medical Dental Center – Naples, specialises in advanced implantology and reconstructive dentistry, including maxillo-facial surgery and bone regeneration.


The centre, which has been running since 2005 and has 1,500 patients, is focused on ensuring a high level of competence of its medical and paramedical staff, including compliance with laws and a continual focus on training courses (ECM). It prides itself in kindness and courtesy and making it a centre of excellence in the dental market.

As a Medical Dental Center, a key part of its dentistry is its operating room (OR), so improving efficiencies in that area, shortening the clinic risk and the time needed for each surgery, was a priority. One way to achieve this was for the centre to improve the PACS (picture archiving and communication system) imaging aspect of its equipment, which would not only improve efficiency but also reduce and minimize the risk of bacterial contamination. To achieve this, the solution needed to avoid the use of physical interfaces with the digital display. Secondly, because of interference with electromedical equipment, the solution needed to avoid the use of wireless connections via radio frequency.

Dr. Salvatore Ferrara of Medical Dental Center explains: “Our centre is very focused on providing the safest and most efficient care for our patients. We needed a solution that would support this objective long-term, and using innovative and advanced imaging solutions in our operating room is one effective way for us to achieve this.”


The NEC Solution

The centre chose a display solution that would allow the operating room (OR) to be run more efficiently, whilst also meeting the critical needs of reduced bacterial contamination and shortening operating times.

The centre implemented the NEC MD462OR, a flat panel system designed specifically for the operating theatre. It is a 46-inch large format display that delivers bright and sharp images. This precision and clarity is crucial during surgery. Furthermore, the display can be cleaned easily as it is IP55 protected from dust and liquids, supporting the centre’s objectives around ensuring sterile environments.

Eliminating the physical interface also supports this, and a NUI Appliance from NUIENG, the software house of Ecra company, allows the control of PACS images without using a mouse, keyboard or requiring any physically touch by the surgeon. The NUI Appliance technology creates a natural user interface which, through the use of depth sensors and the gestures, detects hand movements and controls the PACS images to manage several tools from within 2 meters.

The solution, consisting of MD462OR with the integrated NUI Appliance, is the first solution in the market to be certified as a Medical Device (CE/MDD).


The Result

Using innovative imaging solutions to improve the processes in the operation room (OR) is key to the Medical Dental Center – Naples. It has offered the surgeons not only more control over the display during surgery, but also greater efficiencies, and a more sterile environment.

Dr. Salvatore Ferrara of Medical Dental Center - Naples concludes: “Overall, the solution has enabled the surgery’s work processes to be optimised through a number of factors and all of these are crucial to our patient care. Improving our use of digital imaging has therefore greatly benefited the centre and our patients.”