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Schiphol Airport

High Bright outdoor passenger information

Delivering an enhanced passenger experience goes way beyond the terminal building encompassing the entire journey to and from the airport. Visitors travelling through Schiphol Airport via bus are benefiting from real-time timetable information easily readable even in sunlit locations to ease their onward journey.

The biggest and busiest airport in the Netherlands, Schiphol Airport is just 14km outside Amsterdam and handles over 63 million passengers a year. Whilst some are simply passing through the major European hub, others are arriving to enjoy Amsterdam’s rich cultural offering. For residents, tourists and business travellers alike, an efficient and frequent public transport network is essential to keep them moving on their journey.


The Challenge

The airport is only a 20 minute journey by bus from the city centre and there are numerous city bus connections covering Amsterdam, its surroundings and towns nearby. The bus stops for all Amsterdam Airport Schiphol buses are located at Schiphol Plaza, just in front of the arrivals halls with services starting early in the morning until late in the evening including some night buses with additional services operating at rush hour to help transport commuters as well as tourists.

In order to deliver the best service for its travellers, Schiphol Airport embarked on a refresh program to update the delivery of passenger information at its bus stops. ‘The current solution was 8 years old and the information was hardly visible anymore,’ explains Paul Berg project leader at Schiphol Airport’s IT department. Following a tendering process, Schiphol Airport selected NEC High Bright displays equipped with IP65 outdoor cabinets.

The Solution

We chose NEC for several reasons, one being that they could supply screens along with the casing which is of course crucial in an outdoor public environment; the displays are protected from vandalism and harsh weather conditions,’ says Berg. ‘High Brightness is very important to ensure content is easily readable even in bright sunlight and as a quality brand, NEC also offered an excellent price.

SchipholAirport-Detail2The 47” MultiSync® X474HB display intelligently adapts to its surroundings, delivering brightness of up to 2,000 cd/m²; almost three times that of most other professional large screen displays, when ambient light is at its peak. Brightness levels automatically adjust as ambient light levels change ensuring a consistent eye-pleasing image whilst minimising power consumption. A Quarter-Lambda optical film guarantees full readability even when the viewer is wearing polarized sunglasses.

Housed within an IP65 cabinet, NEC’s unique thermal management ensures the display continues to deliver 24/7 peak performance. With space at a premium inside the cabinet, the built-in OPS option slot provides connectivity for an embedded PC without increasing the footprint of the display.

We receive the scheduled timetable from the public transport organisation along with information on any delays based on the current position of the buses. These updates are fed to the PC embedded in the screen to provide the latest information to our passengers,’ explains Berg.

The Result

Passengers are now benefiting from 41 high bright screens located across 10 locations around Schiphol Airport ensuring they are well informed regarding their onward journey. ‘The brightness of the screens has been well received by passengers who appreciate the clarity of the information,’ confirms Berg. ‘Passengers using our bus stop locations are benefiting from real-time updates keeping them fully informed with clearly visible information, ensuring an improved overall experience.