NEC Display Solutions Client Installation Airport



Signposts and advertising elegantly displayed.
Zurich Airport offers its visitors a first-class flight information system and improves any waiting time with visually appealing advertising on digital displays.

The Challenge

Zurich Airport is an important hub for well-known airlines like Swiss, Lufthansa and Air Berlin, and is very popular with passengers. In key industry rankings Switzerland’s biggest airport regularly occupies one of the top positions. For its excellent reputation outside the country’s borders Zurich Airport can also thank its excellent visitor information system. This involves the use of more than 900 digital signs to direct air travellers to the appropriate departure gate. Visually appealing presentation of advertising also plays an important role. In this area electronic solutions also show off their advantages in comparison with classical poster advertising spaces. In both these cases the airport operator relies upon solutions from NEC Display Solutions.

The NEC Solution


NEC digital signage solutions show off their best side in the “upperdeck” restaurant. Visitors to the new restaurant in the airport centre can experience all the flight-related activities there close up, or while away the time until departure with gastronomic flights of fancy. On a total of 28 large display 55 inch screens, impressions of New York, Tokyo, London and other international metropolises awaken their wanderlust.

Zurich Airport AG has very consciously chosen NEC as its partner where nearly all signage issues are concerned. In this regard the longstanding partner of NEC, Telion AG, has supported the airport operator since the beginning of the purchasing process with professional pre and post-sales support and reliable delivery dates.

For travellers the fight information systems, called Flight Information Media (FIM), are of the utmost importance. Each of three vertically-mounted NEC P461 / P462 screens with optional inbuilt single board computers (SBC) offer the current arrival and departure times to travellers both inside and outside the security zones. In the Airside Centre, in Terminals 1 and 2 and in the new Dock B a fourth screen complements the range on offer. Advertising information can be seen on display here, which " ts in well with Zurich Airport. So one well-known Swiss premium watch manufacturer shows the current time on a product advertisement – practicality is here combined with a promotional messages in an ideal fashion. Zurich Airport AG chose the same mixture for the baggage information system. Each of two NEC LCD 3000 and NEC V321 displays, with respectively 30 and 32 inch monitors, shows the required information, while adverts appear on a third NEC LCD screen with the same design.


This example demonstrates that digital signage installations with advertising are far more than an interesting re"nancing option for the operator. In the long term it is de"nitely planned to generate a pro"t. In any case return on investment is likely to be achieved in the shortest possible time.

The picture quality of the full HD content is exceptionally high. Thanks to their downwardly inclined assembly the displays are also easily readable in all lighting conditions. The P462 belongs to NEC’s most ef"cient digital signage solutions. Like all other NEC-Screens the P Series is characterised by 24/7-operability, a high level of brightness and complete manageability via a LAN or an RS232. Here all the parameters of the NEC screens are controlled by a script and are thus set to their optimal values. In this way the P Series is also best suited for larger installations such as those at the Zurich Airport.

Zurich Airport AG is expecting the screens to last about six years on average. “That is a signi"cant lifespan from the point of view of round the clock operations ,” explains Rolf Bühler, who as Aviation Project Manager is responsible for digital signage installations. “Actually some of the "rst LCD monitors which NEC offered us were in use for more than nine years.”

Zurich Airport AG is altogether very pleased with the equipment that they have received from NEC Display Solutions: day after day they provide a service for hours on end, without their crystal clear and true colour representation showing any shortcomings.