Future-proof Productivity and User Wellbeing

Twelve trends for personal workspace displays

Personal workspaces in the corporate office environment should provide the ideal setting conducive to productive output. Through user comfort and well-being, a clutter-free desk, future-proof connectivity and aesthetic design; organisations are supporting staff in their daily activities, keeping them motivated and ready to work. The personal workspace display is the vital interface between the user and the computing power they need for their daily tasks, this visual device is central to an efficient workspace. Let us guide you through the key aspects of choosing a future-proof workspace display to support your business operation.

Latest USB Type-C connectivity standard

1. Latest USB Type-C connectivity standard

Just a single cable, powering up to 60W of data, video and audio transmission; this latest future-proof connectivity standard is all you need to connect your notebook or tablet PC to the display with no additional power supply needed. It’s the key to achieving a clutter-free desk. What’s more, the connector is reversible making for easier handling. With powerful simplicity, the USB Type-C perfectly supports today’s hot desking scenarios.

Increased flexibility with hot desk environments

2. Increased flexibility with hot desk environments:

By adopting an agile working policy, organisations can significantly enhance productivity by reducing costs and increasing staff engagement. With the support of unified communications, large corporations are providing a hot desk environment to benefit from increased flexibility, improving their real estate management by efficiently utilising their office space capabilities. To provide users with a defined screen setup when they arrive at a desk space, the display configuration can be remotely managed with the NaViSet Administrator 2 application, an all-in-one remote support for desktop monitors; whilst the latest USB-Type-C would be the ideal connectivity solution to support minimal setup effort as the user connects his laptop.

Go large for multi-tasking

3. Go large for multi-tasking

Whilst the mainstream corporate office display is still in the 24” segment, there is a clear trend toward larger desktop screen sizes with 27” grabbing an increasingly larger share of the market. The larger screen estate allows a more relaxed viewing experience and more efficient applications management with document windows viewable simultaneously. It’s interesting to note that research by the University of Utah back in 2008 saw a 52% reduction in the time it took to complete a task by using a 24-inch widescreen display compared to a single 18-inch traditional-format monitor. Today, the move to a 27” display or even larger will achieve similar dramatic improvements in productivity. Whilst a larger desktop surface can be achieved with multi-screen setups, a larger single screen centrally located on the workspace removes the image-interrupting bezel for a smooth, effortless visual experience.

Curved - an immersive display experience

4. Curved - an immersive display experience

The curvature of the screen delivers a consistent focal length across the display surface from a central viewing position when compared to a conventional flat display. The user experiences a fatigue-free visual performance with the best viewing angle no matter where the content is positioned. The vast 34” screen of the EX341R is ideal for replacing 2 x 24” or 3 x 19” displays for borderless viewing, or combine multiple curved displays and enjoy a totally immersive homogeneous image, thanks to the Uniformity Control function, with minimal content gaps.

Optimised ergonomics

5. Optimised ergonomics

The average office worker spends 80,000 hours sitting at his desk during his work life, therefore it is vital to ensure his comfort in order to maintain his productivity. Displays featuring maximum adjustability, with 150mm height adjustment and light-touch tilt, swivel and rotation, enable the user to achieve a comfortable workspace set up with optimum ergonomic benefit. Since regular back-office applications including Word, Excel and emails generally have white backgrounds, it is recommended to use desktop displays with white bezels to reduce the contrast between content and bezel thus minimising viewer fatigue.

Ergonomic Workspace Tips

Ensuring user well-being

6. Ensuring user well-being

Protecting users from eye damage and fatigue helps to keep staff motivated and fresh for optimum productivity; quite apart from this, organisations are required by law to take steps to safeguard user well-being. Display technologies help to protect the user against eye strain and damage, including cataracts and macular degeneration, without compromise to true-to-life display colour performance. NEC desktop displays feature built-in Low Blue Light technology to filter out hazardous blue light emissions and Flicker-Free technology to eliminate the effect of backlight flickering. The Ambient Light Sensor provides auto-adjusted optimum display brightness according to ambient light conditions to maintain eye pleasing viewing.

Its's all in the detail

7. It’s all in the detail

The Quad HD resolution of up to 2560 x 1440 pixels offers almost twice (1.75 times) the content detail compared to Full-HD providing significantly more screen space, especially in multi-screen setups. 4k UHD resolution with up to 3840x2160 pixels delivers highest display quality to optimize your workflow by displaying bigger spreadsheets, clearer text, extended data, more lines of code and life-like images.

Best in form and function

8. Best in form and function

Future-ready ultra-narrow bezels are not only a design element complementing a fresh professional office interior; the minimalistic styling also reduces the displays’ footprint without compromising on the visible display area, especially pertinent in multi-screen setups. Depending on the application, a 3 sided ultra-narrow bezel is preferable for single and dual screen setups while a 4 sided ultra-narrow bezel is the preferred choice for multi-screen configurations of more than two screens.

Eco performance and environmental responsibility

9. Eco performance and environmental responsibility

In-built intelligent sensors help to make savings by minimising unnecessary power consumption thus benefiting your budget and the environment. The Human Sensor automatically reduces the display brightness to an absolute minimum when the user steps away from his desk and powers back upon his return. The Ambient Light Sensor manages display brightness levels according to the ambient light conditions to ensure an eye-pleasing viewing experience whilst avoiding unnecessary power usage. Fully compliant to TCO 7.0 and Energy Star 7.0 standards, NEC continuously demonstrates its environmental responsibility – a legal requirement and a corporate objective.

Efficiency in installation and configuration

10. Efficiency in installation and configuration

In large organisations where the digital estate is vast, minimising installation effort equates to significant cost savings. This is especially pertinent for specialised workspace applications such as trading floors or control rooms which require multiple screen setups utilising mounting arms. Desktop displays with a one button quick release stand help to make installation as efficient as possible. To minimise cabling, multiple input sources can be managed by a single input cable, whilst set up of multiple displays using DisplayPort Daisy-Chaining and Multi-Screen Stream Transport (MST) protocol keeps effort to a minimum. Similarly, the NEC ControlSync® is an innovative control and setting solution for multiple display installations; via the master display, all display settings and fine-tune adjustments are simply copied to 5 sub-monitors.

Network-embedded / loT

11. Network-embedded / IoT

NEC’s NaviSet Administrator 2 allows central network-based management across multiple locations for cost and time effective device administration. The all-in-one asset management software enables large enterprises to achieve substantial savings with unified remote support for desktop monitors, large format displays and projectors. Providing detailed analysis of device usage and anticipating service requirements, NaviSet Administrator 2 is greatly appreciated by organisations for proactive maintenance planning to minimise downtime.

NaViSet Administrator 2

Evolution towards communication hubs

12. Evolution towards communication hubs

Today’s personal workspaces no longer simply comprise a screen, a keyboard and a PC. Productive workspaces are becoming communication hubs representing the central interface for sharing information with colleagues in the office, on the road and at home office. Screens such as the curved NEC Multisync® EX341R provide a large digital surface to support document sharing alongside real-time video communication with other parties via HuddlyGo web camera. Add a wireless mouse, keyboard and noise-cancelling headset and you have created the ideal workspace design.


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