The PA Series Laser Projectors

The magic combination:
Laser, 3 LCD technology and filter-free design

We have cherry picked the best technologies and combined them into two exciting projectors! NEC’s PA703UL with 7,000 ANSI lumen brightness, and the NEC PA803UL with 8,000 ANSI lumen brightness both offer WUXGA resolution. They are the world’s first laser projectors to bring this compelling feature bundle to life. Take a deeper look at how these projectors are taking low-maintenance operation and vivid colour reproduction to a new level:


Resource-saving laser light source

Up to 20,000 h maintenance-free light source operation, thanks to laser light source technology will boost your budget. In addition, the laser light source will serve the audience with a high brightness output for a much longer time compared to traditional lamp-based projector systems.


Impress with vivid colours

Most people perceive laser light as generating a brighter image than that of a traditional lamp. What’s more, with 3 LCD picture processing technology, they will benefit from colours which are strikingly more vivid for an even better visual experience.


No filter service, at all

Designed with minimal maintenance in mind, the laser projectors also boasts a fully-sealed optical engine, allowing a filter-free design. With no filter, replacement and cleaning costs are simply wiped from your budget, alongside no lamp costs this makes the projector TCO calculation even more attractive.


There is so much more to say

Furthermore, the new projectors offer powerful features including motorised zoom and focus, HDBaseT-Out for multi-projector setups, management of wider Rec2020 colour space content, HDR10 support and copyright protected 4k and Ultra HD Blue-ray content delivery . . . to name just a few! A full list of capabilities can be found here.


The NEC PA803UL and NEC PA703UL projectors enhance the PAxx3 Series line up with laser capability to make it even more attractive. With 8,000 ANSI lumen and 7,000 ANSI lumen brightness, both projectors target the needs of commercial and professional environments such as meeting rooms and high-end education, museums, as well as the rental sector.

Read more about the NEC laser projectors, technology background, application areas and see the whole portfolio on our Laser Microsite.


PA803UL / PA703UL Professional Installation Projectors - A New Standard in Performance, Flexibility and Cost-Efficiency:

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