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Dr Neuscheler & Kollegen – dental practice

A quantum leap in a paperless practice

The dental practice of Dr Neuscheler & Kollegen focuses upon modern dentistry and makes sure that it is always technologically up-to-date by continuously investing in this area. Accordingly, the dental health and aesthetics of patients are always kept at the forefront due to the adoption of careful techniques and procedures.

The Challenge

Previously used for developing overview images of the jaw on X-ray films, the space is now a fully digitised diagnostic and consulting room. In order to develop the images, X-ray chemicals had to be processed which, apart from emitting unpleasant odours, also produced inconsistencies in the quality of the development. The older the chemicals were, the more imprecise were the images. The patients’ diagnosis was carried out in the treatment rooms after a period spent waiting. This involved a great deal of effort in terms of time and organisation – both for the patients and the practice team.

DrNeuschelerUndKollegenDetail1With the purchase of a new fully digital orthopantomogram (OPG) this process changed and became much more efficient. Now the images can be examined immediately together with the patient, which also satisfies the requests for information made by the patients at the medical consultation which have increased in recent years.

The new German DIN 6868-157 standard (a successor to DIN V 6868-57) in conjunction with the quality assurance guideline (QS-RL) has increased the scope of the testing required for the acceptance testing of the monitors used in Germany, which is why it is now more difficult for conventional office monitors to meet the requirements. The diagnostic monitors from NEC are pre-qualified for the acceptance testing according to DIN 6868-157.

DrNeuschelerUndKollegenDetail2The NEC Solution

In order to meet the new standards and the high demands for a competent professional medical consultancy, Dr Neuscheler sought the advice of an expert in X-ray technology.

Since, in addition to having high-performance recording equipment, it is also essential to have an output device which reproduces an attractive, homogeneous and, most notably, low-reflection monitor image with a very high contrast and spatial resolution; the choice fell upon a diagnostic monitor from NEC.

The difference has convinced Dr Neuscheler: “It is like going to see an optician and getting a new pair of glasses. The image is extremely sharp and all diagnostics are now made much more easily!

DrNeuschelerUndKollegenDetail3In the paperless practice of Dr Neuscheler & Kollegen, the NEC MDC212C2-270 has significantly improved the diagnostic process. For the dental team, the acquisition of the high-resolution diagnostic monitor was a quantum leap in digital imaging. While its predecessor could not withstand power fluctuations and other factors, and as a result could not reproduce images of a consistent quality, the new NEC monitor is reliable and stable. The different grayscales of an X-ray image are displayed accurately and consistently, and accordingly allow a correct diagnosis and provide the basis for the very best treatment recommendation for patients. And that is what really counts for the doctor and the patient!

The Result

Digital imaging represents enormous progress in providing reliable diagnoses and the corresponding treatment. Perfectly represented images facilitate and accelerate many diagnoses and decisions – also together with the patient! Accordingly many things become clearer and easier to understand, which is hugely important for maintaining mutual trust. Nowadays patients want to know and see everything in precise detail. So the better the reproduction of the image is, the more satisfied the patients are”, Dr Neuscheler says.

With the new screen there are no more disturbances due to flickering, illumination problems, or inadequate contrast imaging”.