Prism Refurbishment for Digital Cinema Projectors

A fast and cost-effective cleaning, repair and refurbishment programme for dedicated Digital Cinema projectors.

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Prism Refurbishment Programme for Digital Cinema Projectors

Delivering first class quality images is business-critical for cinemas. Where projection equipment has been in constant use for several years however, inevitably there is some detrimental effect on the resultant projected image.

Sharp/NEC’s Prism Refurbishment Programme provides a fast and cost-effective cleaning, repair and refurbishment process, supporting operational safety and long-term use for all projectors that demonstrate reduced performance levels or are non-operational

What is included?

  • The program is a well-established cleaning and refurbishment process of evaluation, maintenance and repair works to achieve a fast return to full operation.
  • Following a precise diagnostic evaluation of each defective part, the Sharp/NEC Service Centre in the Netherlands will carry out a prism cleaning or repair in order to restore the maximum performance level.
  • The process is run by highly qualified and experienced technicians trained in all aspects of cleaning, repair and alignment processes.
  • Sharp/NEC provides 6 months warranty on all parts that have been replaced at repair.

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